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Welcome on Bikon ice skate & inline skates outlet store


We always offer you competitive prices. For personal advice, please contact us via the contact form or send us an email: info@bikon.nl. It's also possible to vissit our shop to fit skates. This is by appointment only.


Bikon is selling only the best known brands such as Powerslide, Bont, Viking, Zandstra, Raps, Maple & Stone. Are you looking for a type of skating / rollerblading, but you do not see it on our website? Send us an e-mail. Probberly we can order it for you or we can advise another pair of skates.

Way of Work

To be able to offer a competitive price, we buy mostly older models ice skates and roller skates, the manufacturer can give us a better price and thats why we are able to offer our custommers a better price. By this method, we do not have any model of any size but in any size or various weather models. The stock by size / model is often limited.